About our taqueria

page5-img1Vista Hermosa Restaurant & Taqueria serves some of LA’s most authentic Mexican cuisine.

It is a family owned restaurant started back in 2000 by the chef and owner Raul Morales. Raul started working for his aunt at a small family owned restaurant in Mexico City. After that he decided to open his own restaurant & he moved to California in 1980 to share with us his Mexican magical flavor.

Since then he has been sharing their family recipes, made with a unique blend of spices and seasonings. Our purpose at Vista Hermosa Restaurant & Taqueria is simply to provide great tasting, high quality Mexican food in a friendly atmosphere with an excellent selection of Lunch and Dinner specialties. With a made-from-scratch philosophy, all our plates are made fresh daily! Our specialty is Tacos Al Pastor.

“The tastiest Tacos al Pastor in LA” L.A. Times

What is Taco al pastor?

Tacos al Pastor is perhaps the best taco you could ever try, made with a secret recipe. You will not find good Tacos al Pastor easily in the USA.

Tacos al Pastor are made from pork meat that has been marinated in a secret recipe and then cooked in a rotisserie with pineapple on top. Something that you would have to taste to describe its exquisite flavor!!

The friendly chefs and the delicious food will make eating at Vista Hermosa Restaurant & Taqueria a great experience!